Thursday, July 12, 2007

In seeking to write or speak


I've been having some trouble find the voice for this blog, really it isn't as if you reach into a little drawer somewhere and pull out a face and say, "Yep! That's the one! The blog will sound like this..."

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm just difficult or eccentric but the gut tells me more than the head and the heart more than the gut and that little red center wasn't giving much of a cohesive beat, to draw the idea together and help me to put it on your screen. Until, that is, I met a fellow blogger this afternoon.

In two ways, his coming down to the office to ask about the blog was tremendously cool.

First, someone actually took notice -right?- and made the effort to come on down and see what it was about. "Unofficially" it's my blog. "Officially" we have a large email-list that receives our email updates -those beyond "we're having a sale" kind-of blah-blah-blah- and I had been thinking, well this is a way to help the uncertain feel a bit more solid about living in downtown LA.

Second the words flew out of my mouth, "I haven't figured out the voice yet" and he said, "Oh, so you haven't figured out your voice yet" and I thought BINGO! All that it takes is a little opening of the mouth, some conversation and there you have it. Thanks for the summons Mr. Blogger, I really appreciate it because where I was mute before, as mute as one can be with their fingers, I now feel the stirring of a bit of expression.

I'll be sure to email our gang the latest blip, from me. First, this is my "downtown experience."

Until then,


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Testing. Are we live?

Welcome to the unofficial blog the Rowan & El Dorado Lofts!

As your insider, I'm here to keep you up to date on the latest happenings at our developments. Check back for our weekly updates as we keep you informed of our latest happenings, construction, restoration and other exciting news.

Thank you,